FKBass India Tour

FKBASS #1: SRUTIS STUDIES, India tour and research residency in Pune

FKBass India Tour, a 50 minutes performance

Floy Krouchi presents this unique instrument through her solo Bass Holograms, and is currently working on the development of new compositions dedicated to FKB. Always close to India where she studied with Pandit Hindraj Divekar and his Rudra Veena, she uses FKB as a hybrid instrument between the traditional and the contemporary.


Floy Krouchi, revisits, among other things, the “electronic raga” and microtonality. Thanks to the almost orchestral capacities of the FKBass, she organizes materials and very diverse timbres, and builds iinternal pulsations induced by the different harmonics of the transformed bass.

FKBass Holograms India Tour dates and partners

Festival Serendipity, Panaji, Goa ( 16+ 17 december 2019) , Levi’s Lounge Mumbai, IISER Pune (28th jan+ 1st feb 2020)


“Sruties Studies” A Research residency with the support of Institut français, Ircam, Alliance Française Pune and Mumbay : december 19 -february 20