Nothing But Bones (2015)


In the south of india, a tribal land, the irulas aboriginal tribe hold a ceremony to tell their story and confrontation with the ways of the modern world.

this music drama, played over 7 days and 7 nights, unfolds like a symbolic tale.

we recorded traces of the performance to capture the oral memory of the last men. the words themselves, with the langage are disappearing.

the sound leaves an imprint which becomes an immaterial monument part of our collective memory.

as it pursues a vanishing fragment, nothing but bones revisits the action at the heart of this drama, reality turned into fiction turned into history, narrative brought with time

they came in the forest, they shot their rifles and killed a great black ape. we let them do,

we didn’t speak a word we thought, they’ll surely give us a piece of the meat,but then they roasted the animal, ate itand we were left with nothing but bones.